All-Occasion Pew Cards

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Every Sunday, visitors are in our church buildings—and even more so on holy days and Easter. These attractive pew cards can be customized and printed by any parish to provide a way for visitors to make contact with the church office and pastoral leaders if they want to follow up on their visit to the parish. Use the customizable All-Occasion Pew Cards to connect with the many guests and visitors you have all year round. The Pew Card will help you welcome newcomers and give them an opportunity to contact you. Some inactive Catholics and those with no church family will want to learn more about your parish because they are spiritually hungry. Connect with them to meet their spiritual needs by putting the pew cards out at all your weekend Masses, telling the congregation about the cards, and then following up with those who respond. You may also make the all-occasion card available for various occasions, like baptisms, weddings, funerals, or other parish events.