Sent to Serve: Parish Pack

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The Sent to Serve Parish Pack includes:

  • One copy of each of the three booklets in the program:
    • Encounters
    • Beatitudes
    • and Sacraments
  • The NOOMA DVD with the videos played during each session.

Sent to Serve is a small group process designed to help Catholics explore discipleship. Developed with years of experience with small faith-sharing groups, the small group process starts with an engaging experiential learning activity. After this, participants read and reflect on the Gospels, the Beatitudes, or the Sacraments. Participants then view intriguing and insightful videos from preacher Rob Bell before entering the heart of the process: faith sharing with others. Each session ends with a call to action, prayer, music, and a meditation. Everything about the process is designed to examine our experiences in the light of the Gospel and to connect us to one another. You can use Sent to Serve any time and sequence it as it works best in your parish.