Why Not Consider Becoming a Catholic?

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In this book Fr. Frank DeSiano, CSP lays out reasons for considering the Catholic faith. While making it clear that reaching out to others cannot undermine ecumenical and interfaith dialogue, Fr. DeSiano presents considerations for today and describes the positive aspects of the Catholic faith that will connect with contemporary seekers. Fr. DeSiano explains how the rich and full dimensions of the Catholic faith come closest to representing the broad, compassionate, and inclusive vision of the Kingdom of God in the New Testament. He builds up to this point by emphasizing the Church’s respect for human intelligence and the human quest for happiness. He underscores how Jesus is a unique answer to the deepest unresolvable issues—human sin and death. Connecting Jesus to the community of his followers, Fr. DeSiano elaborates on the powerful dimensions of worship, word, community, and humanity which underlie Catholic life. The book concludes with a global vision of Church and an invitation to consider being part of it. Questions and answers make this book useful for individuals and groups. This book can be a valuable asset for individual Catholics, and for people who are thinking about faith today, especially those thinking about the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA). Consider giving it as a gift to someone you know who is searching. Make it available in your parish for those who have questions about the Catholic faith.